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Whodunnit? A Quarantine Birthday

Updated: May 27, 2020

What's better than a murder mystery birthday party? A murder mystery during quarantine. Two families, who are completely healthy, got together to celebrate the youngest with an evening of mystery and fun!

It all started with the invitation, including a character profile and a secret item to bring. I received Mrs. Peacock and I was told to bring poison. The invitation also said to come dressed and in character.

With less than a week and no stores open the search was on for a fabulous frock and peacock feathers.

My family has thrown a handful of these parties so we have a small stock of vintage pieces perfect for many characters. I did manage to pick up a few items from Target and Fruitbasket Flowerland to complete the look.

Dress: Costume Stock (source:vintage shop)

Hat: Costume Stock (source:vintage shop)

Scarf: Costume Stock (source:vintage shop)

Earrings: DIY

Feather Broach: DIY

Tassel Necklace: Target

Pearl Necklace: Costume Stock (source:DIY)

Jade Necklace: Borrowed from my aunt.

Bracelet: Costume Stock

Tights: Meijer

Shoes: Target

Each person was seated, at Miss Peach's place setting we placed a vintage teacup and saucer we found at a vintage junk shop in downtown Grand Rapids.

At Miss Scarlet's place setting we places a red hankercheif with an embroidered 'S'. The handkerchief was also found at a vintage shop in downtown Grand Rapids.

We took a stab at these gluten free red velvet cupcakes with fondant knives. Very on theme!

For dinner we serves the birthday girls' favorite foods. Chili, green beans, chicken alfredo, pineapple au gratin, and key lime pie for desert along with the cupcakes. All gluten free.

Dinner was serve yourself but if you needed any assistance or a beverage you could ask the maid (played by my aunt) and she was happy to serve you.

Lord Grey (played by my uncle) was very fond of his maid.

The party gets going

As we all finished dinner a few of the guest began to mill about, some went to the restroom, others posed for a photo, some help clear the table until everything came to a stop, when we heard a loud noise. The maid quickly helped up light candles and we began to tour the mansion, we were instructed to stay in line and look out for anything out of the ordinary.

The Tour of Tudor

We called for those who were missing. It included Miss Scarlet (played by my cousin), Rusty Nailer (player by my brother) and Mrs. White. By this time we noticed Mrs. White was nowhere to be found. We made our way upstairs still looking for her and other clues as to the whereabout of our beloved Mrs. White.

We filed into the upstairs guest room.

This room was a great place to pause and grab some cool shots in the vintage styled mirrors. The peach wallpaper is a great touch for the style of the party.

Still we found nothing out of the ordinary. But that was all about to change!

The Scene of the Crime

We exited the guest room only to find the door was blocked by something! We slipped passed the door to see the heinous

crime! Mrs. White! Dead! with a knife! But who could have done this?

We made our way to the attic where we found even more clues.

A suitcase with money a jews was found, clearly someone was trying to get away with a small fortune. Along with murder weapon Rusty Nailer's clippers and the keys to Tudor Mansion were found. This was either Rusty being careless or someone was trying to frame the poor grounds keeper. Only time would tell. At this point who do you think did the deed?

The group assembled in a circle to discuss what we had scene. We read our bios and made our accusations.

With our guesses made the only thing left to do is to reveal the murderer.

It was none other than the careless groundskeeper, Rusty Nailer with the knife!

Each party works out a little differently and the weapon is chosen at random so it was just a coincidence that the person who looked framed was actually the one who committed the crime. I ended up guessing it was Miss Scarlet because she was missing at the time of the crash. She claimed to be just fixing her lipstick.

The Group

1st row: Tudor maid, Mrs. Meadowbrook, Mrs. White, Miss Peach

2nd row: Colonel Mustard, Mr. Gray, Rusty Nailer, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet

Have you had any fun quarantine parties or a murder mystery party?

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