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It's hottest closest to the fire - Testing is not bad.

Updated: May 27, 2020

We are certainly in interesting times, while we may not know exactly what is happening, let me encourage you that God is not shocked by any of this. When everything is spinning out of control, He is in control and we can rest in this.

We are unquestionably in a transitional time and we must take our faith very seriously. The time is now to lean into what God is doing. In a season of so much uncertainty you can find rest and peace when you turn to Jesus. He is the ultimate friend, healer, and savior.


This is a season of great testing. It is my goal to not let this season leave me stagnant, but to come out stronger. We must embrace the stretch, everyone is tested in so way or another.

In Job 7:17-18 NLT 17 What is man that You should exalt him,that You should set Your heart upon him, 18 that You attend to him every morning, and test him every moment?

This is an intense verse but it shows where we are on God's priority list. He visits us every morning, He cares how we wake up and each of our steps. Each decision we make matters. Some internet sources state we make up to 35,000 decisions a day! God has given us free will. From what to eat and wear to what we fundamentally believe and what career we will pursue are up to us alone and we must accept the outcome. How we make our decisions; who they are focused on determine the trajectory of our lives.

The collins English dictionary has a very interesting difference of testing. I find it very useful in accepting test and encouraging me that the outcome of the test if far more important than the actual test.

Testing (adj.) - A problem or situation that is very difficult to deal with and shows a lot about the character of the person who is dealing with it.

The way we handle life's struggles lets the world know what we are made of.

I pray we are made of the strong stuff will stand the trials.

We will be tested, that is a fact. But why? I believe we are tested for the following reasons.

1. We are tested because of our immense value and worth to God.

2. We need testing because it strengthens and refines our weak areas.

- When we are in pressurized situations what we put in will come out, so our input is of utmost importance because it determines the output.

Psalms 66:9-10

Didn’t he set us on the road to life?

Didn’t he keep us out of the ditch?

He trained us first,

passed us like silver through refining fires,

Brought us into hardscrabble country,

pushed us to our very limit,

Road-tested us inside and out,

Sometimes we are tested to help us grow in our weakness , but other time we are tested so God can show the devil, he will never win and show that our faith stronger than any trial. We see this very clearly in the book of Job. God was very pleased with Job. He was not tested to learn things (although I am sure Job did); Job ultimately was tested because God knew how strong he was. Job loved God not because of how God blessed him, but because they had a personal relationship that went beyond the blessing.

Was the trial fun? No! Did Job always have a smile of his face? Probably not! Is it fun when our best laid plans go awry? NO! I hate it, but through it all God is in control. When we are faithful and see the big picture we can overcome every setback, plateau, and mistake.

You are never alone!

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