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Hi!!! My name is Gabbi Grenell. I know it’s kind of crazy to start a travel blog during social distancing but after looking at my photos I wanted to reminisce on happier times and once we make it through we can have new adventures and fall in love with new places. 
Until then here are ten facts about me!
1. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan 
2. I moved to NYC in 2015
3. My first international travel was to Mexico. 
4. I love small town charm and the big city. 
5. Growing up on a farm is the best way to grow up. 
6. My favorite international city is Berlin, Germany with Copenhagen, Denmark as a close second. 
7. I love discovering anything new and always learning. 
8. I am a big researcher and I love to have a plan before going places. 
9. I firmly believe locals are the best resource when traveling. 
10. The most important thing in my life is my faith and every glory belongs to God. 
For now enjoy this photo of a sweet coffee shop in Würzburg, Germany. 


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Passionate about raising spirits through storytelling

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